BIM Consultancy Services

Third Party BIM consultancy services, advice and delivery

BIM Consultancy Services

Third Party BIM consultancy services, advice and delivery

BIM Consultancy

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with a collaborative way of creating and managing information, resulting in a more transparent and efficient way of planning, building and managing projects from start to finish.

As well as our own landscape architecture projects being delivered in a BIM environment, we also offer our expertise on non landscape projects under our BIM consultancy service.

BIM Consultancy

Our BIM Consultancy Services

Our BIM Consultancy services compliments our landscape services as it promises to deliver further efficiencies to our clients. BIM is a complicated process, and if it is not approached correctly, you are at risk of unnecessary high costs and wasted time.

Our services include:

1) Independent client advice throughout all stages of a project in the form of an Employer’s Representative

2) Support with the core roles and responsibilities defined in the CIC BIM Protocols for Information Management

3) Common Data Environment (CDE) review, setup and implementation

4) Development of in-house company standards and protocols aligned to industry standards and best practice including:

  • Organisational Information Requirements (OIR)
  • Asset Information Requirements (AIR)
  • Employer’s Information Requirements (EIR)
  • Pre/Post Contract BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • BIM Standards
  • Pre-Qualification Questionnaire responses (PAS 91 questions)
  • Company Specific BIM Implementation Plan

5) Gap analysis report with recommendations for implementing BIM (focusing on current processes, systems and tools)

6) Reviewing project or company BIM documents and providing feedback

7) Bid support

8) Model reviewing, reporting, auditing to provide clients with the confidence that their project team are producing quality models with the highest degree of accuracy and integrity.

9) Independent technical advice for software and systems.

10) Conversion of traditional 2D information into a 3D Revit model.

Our own in-house expert BIM Consultant can guide you through and simplify the process whilst also ensuring that quality standards are met and efficiencies are achieved.

BIM in Landscape Architecture

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