Moorside Power Station

Client: NuGen

Location: West Cumbria

NuGen were looking for the most creative and sustainable design ideas for the screening mounds, which will provide the setting for Moorside Power Station. Our vision is to achieve a balance between our dependence on nature to provide materials required for our living and our concern for the sustainability of our planet, by minimising waste from the construction and operation of the power station, and maximising outputs for biodiversity and the community.

Moorside Power Station Inside Mound

An isotope landscape

The concept for our mound is based on a uranium isotope. The naturally occurring radioactive element found on the earth’s crust is returned to the earth in the form of a ‘giant’ mound, for its colonization by nature and the enjoyment of the wider community. The mound shields views of the power station from the neighbouring residential properties, as well as affording views of it and the wider landscape from the circular walk around it. The mound conceals a wilderness valley with a biome at its nucleus. Beacons of light orbit around this biome, heated by waste heat from the power station.

Moorside Power Station Visual

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