Newcastle University King’s Road

Client: Newcastle University

Location: Newcastle upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear

OOBE’s winning proposal to redevelop the main campus artery for Newcastle University was built on three key objectives – create a pedestrian focused environment, develop a sustainable approach to current surface water and flooding problems and provide a flexible, multi-functional environment. Our proposal creates a high quality campus environment with a recognisable personality underpinned by sustainable processes.

Newcastle University King's Road Street Visual Newcastle University King's Road Birdseye Render
Newcastle University King's Road Courtyards Render

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We have developed a series of distinctive focus spaces which respond to the built forms and will facilitate various aspects of student life. Improved connectivity and pedestrian priority will reduce vehicular dominance and ensure that people know they have arrived ‘on campus’. Weaving the spaces together is a landscape language that includes a series hard and soft landscape features which work in tandem to create an attractive and sustainable landscape scheme at the heart of the university.

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