RIBA Centenary Square

Client: RIBA Birmingham City Council

Location: Birmingham

A city of many stories, many trades, many cultures; a hive of activity. A square of many narratives and activities that enrich the casual interaction of visitors, enhance social engagement and slow pedestrians down.

Interactive narratives that unfold as the visitor navigates through the space. Social, cultural and political encounters that have marked Birmingham as a City. Text set within the surface and sounds emerging from ground recessed speakers form a series of overlapping layers that invite the visitor to imagine Birmingham’s past within the contemporary realm of the square.

RIBA Centenary Square Render Plan RIBA Centenary Square Concept 2
RIBA Centenary Square Concept

Local identity, international standing

The many architectural styles of the square are expressed in the shapes of the seats, brought together in a high quality square with a simple palette of materials. The Centenary of the City is celebrated with a play on the number 100. 100 water jets, 100 trees, 100 seats and a 100m long CENTENARY WALK that connects both sides of the square.

The square presents three distinctive spaces: large amphitheatre for major public events, library outdoor lounge for informal flexible seating, and Hall of Memory space with its own amphitheatre and outdoor lounge. These spaces provide a setting for many cultural and social activities, from quiet to loud.

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