RIBA Streetscape

Client: RIBA North East, NE1

Location: Newcastle upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear

OOBEs shortlisted proposal aimed to improve the walkability of our local cities through simple street furniture design. A lack of purpose built seating at regular intervals limits older pedestrians when walking between home and local amenities, research suggests 100 meters is the maximum distance they walk without needing a rest.

RIBA Streetscape Concept Step 1
RIBA Streetscape Concept Step 2

Fold-out furniture for a more walkable city

By looking at what already occurred across our cities at a 100m marker, we began to adapt a design that could easily slot in to place. Simple materials of timber and steel provide a durable, yet comfortable resting point and our series of designs can be quickly folded and rolled out wherever they are needed! Making our cities a flexible, happy, walkable environment for all.

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