Vauxhall : The Missing Link

Client: Vauxhall One / RIBA

Location: Vauxhall, London

OOBE, in collaboration with +3 Architecture, submitted proposals for the urban design of Vauxhall, on London’s South Bank. The client for the design competition was Vauxhall One, the new Business Improvement District for Vauxhall. They have a clear vision for the renaissance of Vauxhall focused on place making and creating a sense of place. With this in mind we drew on the rich history of the area, renowned in the 18th century for being home to the original Pleasure Gardens, where folk from all over London went to see and be seen!

Vauxhall : The Missing Link Concept X Theatre Concept
Green Map

A new garden stage and social showcase for London

The whole garden was a stage, with acts from lion-taming to acrobats; masked balls and operas, to fetes and fireworks. People from all walks of life visited to experience the spectacle and to be part of this social performance was a performance in its own right. Our proposal aimed to reignite this social showcase; sprinkling the Garden’s drama and spectacle throughout the whole of modern Vauxhall, returning Vauxhall to the social limelight. Act 1: The new Vauxhall Cross – a gateway feature, firmly announcing Vauxhall on the River Thames, drawing intrigued visitors from across London to come see this vibrant new addition. Act 2: The Green Carpet – extends the Pleasure Gardens out beyond the parks, drawing life into the streets. Act 3: The Main Event – the original Pleasure Garden redesigned to become the garden stage of London. Using forms inspired by the ‘Vauxhall’ lettering, a range of ‘props’ and stages were developed to be located throughout the streets and pocket parks linking the Acts together and creating a green network/ string of gardens for all.

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