Working hard, on the beach, Mike and Sophie teamed up with the amazing kids and staff at The Bridgewater School in Newcastle to take on the annual Children’s North East Sandcastle Competition. And we won!

Thumbs Up

This year the theme was Great North Million, celebrating the millionth finisher at the GNR this year. All across the beach were fantastic sandcastle-trainers, runners, and even some rather architectural Tyne Bridges… but you were only going to find one sand-elephant! Our crazy team ran wild with the concept of the Run, thinking outside the box with some great imagination. Inspired by a book the class had been reading Running Wild by Michael Morpurgo, the Running concept evolved into a jungle scene, a boy sat atop an elephant, running from a tsunami and its fair to say it stood out! Not least for the great building techniques and artistic skills on show from the kids. There were elephant-builders, leaf-constructors, water-fetcherers amongst others, the whole crew worked together perfectly.

And the results paid off, as the final sculpture was selected as one of the top 5 of the day. The kids even got their picture taken with Tim Healy!

Everyone got involved and got creative, it was a great turnout and a fantastic day in the sunshine(mostly), not a bad day at the office.