The benefits of regular exercise are well documented – up to 35% lower risk of coronary heart disease and stroke and up to 30% lower risk of dementia to name two. We are therefore proud to have worked with GT3 Architects to deliver a host of leisure projects that are helping to boost the nation’s health.

Our landscape designs satisfy multiple objectives. They create a welcoming setting to attract the local community and help with wider urban regeneration (Willmott Dixon-led Oldham Leisure Centre). They need to incorporate site-specific boundaries with sensitivity, such as the Scheduled Ancient Monument of Montem Mound on Slough Ice Arena and encourage vehicle-free access through safe pedestrian and cycle networks (Edenbrook Leisure Centre).

Regular exercise brings multiple benefits but so does being outdoors. A recent Ask the Scientists article identified ten reasons why being outside is important. The top two being ‘relieve stress’ and ‘improve immunity’.

As part of this our leisure landscape designs incorporate places for visitors and employees to take a more relaxed approach. Seating, welcoming entrance plazas and planting schemes are all incorporated to provide opportunities to sit, meet, socialise and enjoy nature like on Morpeth Leisure Centre.

Our designs also provide opportunities to exercising in the great outdoors, which provide additional health benefits. These include helping to ward off seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression and anxiety. This is because sunshine naturally increases the hormone serotonin, which improves your mood. Sunshine also provides a free dose of Vitamin D.

On Coalville Leisure Centre we have designed a series of vibrant outdoor spaces to include a trim trail and an informal woodland children’s play area. The scheme is sensitive to the surrounding rural landscape and we eagerly wait for its completion to see it bring health and wellbeing benefits to Coalville’s community.