Last Thursday I was down in London celebrating the hard work and successes of our profession at the Landscape Institute Awards. Last year I was there collecting a few awards as a student, but this time it was great to be on the other side, sitting at the judges table after helping review the Student Dissertations category.

This year’s host was Majora Carter, the American urban revitalisation strategist and she was fantastic! It was great to hear someone be so passionate about our profession. She shared her story from the South Bronx where she accidentally found out there was a river running through her neighbourhood and subsequently instigated a massive urban regeneration project, centred around landscape (not just as an amenity but as a necessity).

Continuing on from this great speech was the fine selection of awards and nominees. Of course it was lovely to see the students whose work I had read, the winner Jaqui Jobbins for her ‘New Ethical Design Process’ impressed not only the judges but also the President, being closely considered for the President’s Award (in the end given to LDA Design for Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon). It was also great to see some familiar faces, both up for the Student Portfolio and from practices across the country – such a small world in Landscape!

There were some amazing schemes coming through, particularly the Tumbling Bay Playground at the Olympic Park by Land Use Consultants. Great to see some imaginative playscapes defying the laws of health and safety! Look forward to seeing more of these. Overall some fantastic stuff, and a great day to celebrate each other’s achievements! Hopefully we’ll be there again next year!