Could you distinguish the sound of the traffic from the roar of the sea if you heard them out of context? How would you feel if you heard the grunting of a deer in the city centre? Come and experience it at the ‘staging’ nature in the mundane city installation for the ‘Landscape, Wilderness and the Wild’ conference at Newcastle University.

The installation explores the nature-culture boundary and the ‘New Wilderness’ of Newcastle through the use of sounds as the main ‘actor’, supported by smells and a projection.

During the day, combinations of artificial and natural field recordings, carried out locally, will be used to explore the blurred nature-culture boundary. At night, the site will become a ‘New Wilderness’, with sounds, smells and a projection of an imagined wild nature, exploring whether this wilderness could work in the city and be seen as something positive.

Percy Quad, Newcastle University – Thursday 26th March 6.30-8pm; Friday 27th March 12.30-4pm & 6.30-8pm; Saturday 28th 3-5pm

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