Two months into my PhD and finally feel I’ve got something to talk about…nature! I’ve started exploring nature in the city; different ways of ‘manipulating’ nature in a built environment to create ‘natural’ looking landscapes but also a ‘let it be’ approach, what would happen if we didn’t do anything…would nature take over?.

But let’s start from the beginning, what is nature? When I think of nature, I think of wilderness, the world that exists independently of human activities. But that idea of nature is difficult to place in the city. If manufactured objects and human activities are excluded from this definition of nature, if there is a distinction between the natural and artificial, is nature then possible at all in the city? Or is nature different in the city?

What is nature in the city for you? Please help us by emailing or tweeting a photo that summarises nature in the city for you for a chance to win a bottle of champagne. Deadline monday 5th May. Thank you! @OOBE_Ltd