Life is like a plate of choc chip cookies

Our Marketing Manager talks about what she learned from her home baking experience.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I thought why not make some love heart cookies for the team. How hard could it be?

I dug out a recipe and with Classic FM playing in the background I tucked myself away in the kitchen to create a masterpiece.

Armed with a cookie cutter, eight heart-shaped sweet treats were popped into the oven.

Fifteen minutes later and the result …. not exactly what I was hoping for. The cookies had morphed into a collection of bronzed blobs. Well of course each one had spread, freed from the confines of their metal cutter jacket.

I was not to be defeated and after a few flicks of a knife, a heart shaped cookie sat cooling on the bench. The excess biscuit bits were swiftly vacuumed up – you must taste test after all!

However, as often is the case in life the result you want is often not the best one. Why cut out the remaining seven cookies and deprive the team of all that lovely chocolatey goodness? Far better I thought to bring in the larger misshapen biscuits than the smaller and prettier biscuits I’d promised.

I won’t be making GBBO star baker any time soon but as the plate was cleared in minutes, I’m happy with that. I reckon there’s a lesson in there somewhere. Happy Valentine’s Day.