Here’s a little information about what has been happening in our London office, and what to look forward to over the next few weeks!

Having moved down at the beginning of August, the London office is now in full swing. Sharing with other organisations within the built environment that have a similar work ethos to us is inspiring, everyone has a passion to succeed and grow.

To start the month off we featured in the ABA Newsletter. And next on the OOBE London agenda will be an exhibition of our work in the spacious reception area for all fellow residents and visitors to see as they arrive at the office.

Alongside this we are excited to present our work as a company to the whole of the Cowcross Community at the beginning of November. We will be displaying in The Gallery, a venue space where weekly events, lectures and exhibitions are held – This is an ideal way for the other organisations to see the range of work we have been involved with to date, understand how their projects overlap, and hopefully highlight potential collaborations! (It is also a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of Farringdon on a lunchtime, to relax and meet other organisations, and enjoy a complementary sandwich courtesy of Alan Baxters Associates!)

Living in London although at times is frustrating with the daily commute, is the place to be. With London Fashion Week just past and London’s Open House this coming weekend, we are spoilt for choice of things to see and do.

In October team OOBE are reuniting for a weekend in the big smoke to see and do the sites, but until then OOBE London are enjoying immersing ourselves in the community culture at Cowcross Street and looking forward to finding new clients and consultants right on our doorstep