Moda aspires to be more of a lifestyle experience brand than traditional property company and now known for their distinctive living spaces; not just providing a home but also a lifestyle built around community, Moda requires landscape design that fully supports their unique offering for their new development in Holland Park which is located in Glasgow’s cultural quarter.

Oliver Smith, OOBE’s lead on this project tells us: “We were delighted to be chosen to work on this project, as cutting edge and innovative design is one of our key areas of expertise.”

“This is an extremely exciting project to be involved in. Moda are known for the provision of the ‘next generation of living’ which is very much about providing a community feel and a lifestyle as well as a home. Their properties are more than a just a place to reside for City professionals, they’re about encouraging interaction, socialising and building a life around your home.

We were delighted to be chosen to work on this project, as cutting edge and innovative design is one of our key areas of expertise.”

Several developments are in place around the scheme as well as street improvements, so collaboration and communication with other stakeholders have been key throughout design.

Supporting Moda’s ethos, the landscape has been designed to provide a relaxed and informal social space for both residents and visitors to the Holland Park development.

Ollie explains;

“Anyone involved in design and development will know that it is rare that a project is straightforward! In this case, complexity was due to multiple changes in levels.

However, we overcame this by actually exploiting the levels to not only provide screening between private and public spaces, but also to develop a series of terraced seating for informal break- out space and events.”

Ollie goes on to explain how the landscape design fully supports Moda’s vision of modern community;

“Dynamic forms respond to the functional requirements of the building, providing access at various levels, as well as planted screening where needed. The forms also define the central events space, creating a flexible core for a range of community events.

The space is open to the public during the day‐time, with access for residents only during the evening.”

He goes on to explain selection of materials:

“We have designed granite terraced seating that will provide a clean finish which is hard wearing and appropriate to the furniture’s location. Planting featured within the courtyard and on the roof terraces will be low maintenance, appropriate to its setting and wildlife friendly, enhancing the biodiversity by creating habitats and food for insects and birds.

The development includes a series of accessible roof terraces expanding the accessible amenity space for residents providing a range of opportunities including communal events, informal meeting areas and external exercise spaces.

Oliver concludes, “It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with Moda on such an innovative housing scheme!”