Landscape architects, OOBE launch BIM Consultancy services Newcastle and London based Landscape Architects, OOBE have launched a new service that promises to help their clients further by guiding them through the BIM process.

OOBE’s BIM consultancy services were launched in early June 2017, Mike Goodall, one of the founding directors of OOBE, tells us;

“Our key drivers include helping our clients save time, help them to keep on budget and also to aid them in streamlining their processes both during Capex and Opex phases of a project. Offering BIM Consultancy services allows us to help our clients further, as it helps to guide them through a complex process encouraging better collaboration within the industry.”

Justine Gray, OOBE’s in-house BIM Consultant continues;

“I’m really excited to join the team offering these services. Having worked with the business for a number of years as a supporting consultant, we thought my skills and expertise in BIM would compliment the existing team.”

Justine explains;

“BIM is a process that can improve design quality and building performance through collaboration, innovative technology and the application of successful information management. Our offering ensures that our client’s benefit from BIM resulting in projects being successfully delivered from start to end with complete and accurate handover information to enable efficient maintenance throughout the whole lifecycle of the building or site.”

Contact OOBE today to find out more about BIM Consultancy.