OOBE were invited by Morrow + Lorraine Architects to prepare proposals for the landscape design associated with a new residential-led, mixed use development on a complex and constrained site in Chipping Barnet. Known as Brake Shear House, the planning application was submitted in April.

As part of the brief we were asked to soften the transition from the High Street in to the heart of our site whilst carefully considering the level change and visual impact of the development on nearby residents. The existing site slopes steeply from West (High Street) to the East by approximately 5 metres and we have worked closely with the architects in order to provide screening to neighbouring occupants and provide sheltered private and communal amenity space throughout the site.

Break shear house

Even though this site is relatively small, we have utilised each turn and corner to incorporate ecological value. By carefully choosing and allocating native plants, shrubs and trees on site, we have provided natural habitats for native species. In amongst this creative soft palette there are concrete seating units and wooden play features positioned to allow residents to dwell, relax but also interact.

The hard and softworks materials palettes have been developed to look aesthetically striking, complement the building exterior and to provide a safe environment for the users.