Morgan Sindall has been awarded the contract to build a new Renton Primary School, a Renton Language & Communication Unit (an Additional Support Needs enhanced support setting) and a new Riverside Early Learning and Childcare Centre (ELCC).

The external learning environment for Renton Campus has been designed by OOBE and will assist the school in realising its vision for maximising achievement amongst its learners, and create stimulating outdoor learning and play experiences.

Emma McNicholas, Senior Associate at OOBE explained: “Our scheme has been developed to provide a variety of spaces that connect to the school’s curriculum. We have futureproofed our designs by building in flexibility. In this way, the school can develop its landscape for the curriculum and specific projects. This will encourage pupils to take ownership of the grounds.”

In addition to the contemporary hard and soft landscaping, the practice created  a 3D model of the campus.

John Paterson, Senior Design Manger at Morgan Sindall commented: “Through its landscape design experience OOBE has provided an imaginative and inspiring learning environment for Renton Campus.  Its 3D model has also been instrumental in demonstrating the design intent and benefits of the scheme. The 3D model has been invaluable in bringing the client’s vision to life, so much so that West Dunbartonshire Council showcased it at the 2019 Education Buildings Scotland conference.

“As part of the Morgan Sindall team, we are delighted that OOBE’s landscape designs will help to transform the education experience for the pupils of Renton Primary, Renton LCU and Riverside ELCC.”