Thought I would kick off our blog with a little bit of play, educational play of course. Here at OOBE we are quite clued up about our educational landscapes, but this find seems a bit different…

There has been plenty of talk of the values of outdoor learning and woodland classrooms in particular the improvement in productivity & grades of pupils. I know I soaked up more knowledge when I was getting my hands dirty outside rather than sitting blankly at my desk. Now this seems to be something close to the guys at Popup Treehouse’s hearts too. A fairly young business that is looking to bring back the excitement and possibilities of building your own treehouse, with an educational slant of course.

For the comparative price of an off the shelf playground set, these guys will come to the school and start exploring possibilities with the kids themselves, getting them outside to help design their new outdoor classroom, hands getting dirty whilst exploring the trees, habitats, and all manners of potential around and about the school.

It’s exciting to see projects like these emerging through the mainstream contractors. It will be interesting to see how the spaces are incorporated into a school plan, and how many schools would chose this curveball over your traditional monkey-bars… I know what I would have preferred!