British Curriculum School

Client: Aedas

Location: Dubai, UAE

OOBE are currently leading the landscape design for a new build British Curriculum School for 2088 students, designed by Aedas. The project began with a site area of 4.6ha, although as the design progressed, the brief changed and so did the site! OOBE’s ability to be adaptable and respond quickly meant we were able to produce a masterplan for the new site and keep the programme on track.

A contemporary learning environment inspired by flowers

The masterplan includes organic forms/’tendrils’ within the groundscape to link the wider landscape into the heart of the building, appearing to flow seamlessly through the site and assisting with orientation for visitors on arrival. The ‘tendrils’ terminate in key spaces such as courtyards/dining spaces or terrace gardens in the form of flowers or ‘petal like’ forms. Bespoke furniture, including benches and canopies in the form of these ‘petals’, further strengthen the organic language of the landscape scheme. The arrangement of the materials between these ‘tendrils’ will mirror the Fibonacci sequence used on the building facade.

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