Brunel University – Employer’s BIM Representative


Client: Brunel University

Location: London

Brunel University London is a teaching and research university located in Uxbridge, West London, UK. Its 78-hectare campus is divided into 7 sites which comprises of buildings, sports facilities, parking, open space, internal access roadways and footpaths.

OOBE were appointed as an independent BIM adviser to assess Brunel’s long-term business objectives and to both define and implement relevant BIM processes within the Estates capital projects and maintenance departments focusing on approximately 39 residential buildings and 67 academic and administrative buildings across the entire campus.

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Through understanding Brunel’s business needs and utilising already implemented processes and systems from inception through to operation, OOBE continually recommends a programmatic approach to the implementation of specific BIM processes.

Working both on site and remotely with the Estates department, OOBE provide Brunel with ongoing independent support and advice on all internal and external BIM related aspirations and challenges. It has enabled us to effectively help advise on and define the most effective capture and use of digital data on all their new build and refurbishment projects.

Investing in a platform which enables a single source of the truth for all project information being shared allows Brunel to manage and consolidate information as and when required knowing they will always have access to the most current files. OOBE have supported with the implementation of a Common Data Environment and provide ongoing maintenance and updates.

The Outcomes

1. OOBE advise on improvements to technology solutions and support in the use of Brunel’s chosen software tools through workshops and training.

2. OOBE are successfully assisting Brunel in making the most innovative use of BIM in order to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and improve business outcomes through bridging the gap between the Capex and Opex Phases.

3. Client BIM Documentation, i.e. EIRs & AIRs, is continually reviewed and updated where relevant ensuring that they are in line with industry standards and best practice.

4. The successful implementation of the Common Data Environment allows Brunel to be more in control of project information.

5. Estates’ employees are now more up-skilled in the understanding, relevance and use of BIM processes and tools.

6. Receiving structured and accurate and digitised information at handover for effective use during the lifecycle of the built asset is invaluable to Brunel University London.

“OOBE has consistently provided invaluable expertise and assistance at all stages during the roll out of Brunel’s BIM project protocols. Their approach is proactive and conscientious, with their representatives ‘leading by example’ on projects rather than ‘waiting to be asked’. The information delivery on BIM enabled projects has been managed by OOBE with great diligence and proficiency. Moreover, the work they have put in behind the scenes, to understand Brunel’s FM processes, has given Estates team members confidence that the information provided on project completion will be both relevant and useful to future maintenance and management requirements.”

Barbara Griffiths, Brunel University, Senior Project Officer – Architect APMP

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