Locksley D


Client: London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Location: London

With a great need for additional social housing in the east of London, the housing association of London Borough of Tower Hamlet submitted plans to build new residential flats in an area known as the Limehouse Triangle near Regent’s Canal.

The plans have been met with controversy due to residents nearby objecting to previous plans, concerned that the development would impact the quality of life and be at a cost of the biodiversity of the area.

Success in the application

Public consultation has been key in the success of the planning application and OOBE have developed a design for a residential garden which will provide residents with a high-quality external environment sheltered from the street, acting as a green oasis within the city.

With great focus on biodiversity and enhancing the area to boost community spirit further with lots of play space for families the plans were successfully passed.

OOBE have produced plans that will increase the biodiversity of the area and encourage more community activities, overcoming the concerns that the residents have.

The plans include various planting that will maintain and attract new species of insects into the greenery improving the ecology. An allotment space to encourage and increase activities for the residents will also benefit the environment and promote healthy lifestyle.

A ‘Green Roof’ has been incorporated in the design of the buildings which has a huge environmental benefits; such as increasing the potential for wildlife habitats and contribute to a reduction in energy use in the development.

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