One Trinity Green


Client: South Tyneside Council

Location: South Shields, Tyne and Wear

A multi-award winning business centre for new and growing companies in the renewable sector.

The development was one of the first in the North East region to achieve BREEAM ‘Outstanding’ and won the prestigious BREEAM award for the most sustainable office building in the UK.

One Trinity Green Photo

A contemporary, sustainable and delightful work environment

The central feature of the building, a green chimney inspired by the areas industrial past, plays a significant role in the architectural language, the environmental strategy, as well as informing the landscape strategy. Two coloured ‘beams’ flow from within the building radiating out from the base of the chimney, gradually growing in width as they move outside the building.

Taking the façade treatment as a cue, the building has been ‘exploded’ to create forms in the ground plane which visually break up the car park and inform planting areas. Climbers have been trained up metal vertical support systems to provide an injection of ‘green’ into this working area.

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