Shawm House

Client: Private

Location: Coldtown, Northumberland

A unique landscape responding to an innovative new residential building set within rural Northumberland. The brief was to develop a sustainable dwelling that sat within, and responded to, its surroundings. Architects Mawson Kerr proposed a pioneering barn conversion that uses innovative construction techniques and sustainable technologies alongside local materials to produce a simple, elegant new home.

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Shawm House Prop

A warm barn in Coldtown

The landscape also uses innovative approaches to sustainability including a rain garden which creates a rich new habitat at the heart of the project, deals with excess run-off, encourages infiltration into the soil, improves water quality and provides localized flood control whilst creating an attractive setting for the redevelopment. Solar panels are used to power the house, with 12 photovoltaic panels standing above the water garden. Alongside an ecologically responsive approach, local materials and clean simple lines compliment the architecture and nestle the project into its wonderful setting.

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