South Cliff Gardens


Client: Scarborough Borough Council

Location: Scarborough

Construction Value: £6m

Overlooking Scarborough’s seashore, these Grade II listed gardens had fallen into disrepair and the large crowds were gone. The once acclaimed site, although still fondly regarded by residents and visitors and retaining much of its original charm, was no longer the hub of activity it had once been.

The garden custodians appeared to have lost their vision, by seeking to replicate and preserve. This was never the intention of the original designers; it was cutting edge entertainment in its day.

OOBE was responsible for the preparation of a landscape masterplan and supporting information for a Heritage Lottery Funding Parks for People stage 1 bid for the gardens. Funding was successfully awarded at the end of 2016.

Key stakeholder consultations underpinned this successful Heritage Lottery bid

The landscape masterplan developed by OOBE sought to rejuvenate and reinstate the gardens to their position as a community place to go, to draw back a myriad of users to the open spaces for health, relaxation and enjoyment, as linking back to the original purpose of the spa and gardens.

Proposals were therefore founded on the theme of health and sought to provide entertainment and leisure, revenue for the gardens, education and training opportunities, and horticulture innovation. The masterplan included an array of contemporary features such as play areas and a new link to the promenade, that complemented the historic features of the park.

Numerous consultations took place during the development of the masterplan with key stakeholders including Friends of the Park, Scarborough Borough Council Regeneration, Estates and Conservation Officers, Scarborough Archaeological & Historical Society, English Heritage and the local community and interested groups.

The rejuvenated gardens will draw a wide range of visitors back into the gardens to enjoy a new fresh approach to a formal garden, and residents will take not only ownership but also pride in the asset, creating a diamond in the crown of the Yorkshire coast.

“Thanks for all your effort, it would not have been possible without your help and creative input setting us on the right path to success, thank you very much.”

Stewart Rowe, Principal Coastal Officer at Scarborough Borough Council



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