BIM Modelling

Building Information Modelling

At OOBE we work towards making our client’s lives easier

As landscape architects we work behind the scenes supporting many clients such as architects, contractors, property developers and project managers to deliver designs that delight all stakeholders involved – not only visually but also by enhancing the environment for all. At OOBE we believe that combining people, process and technology within a BIM – Building Information Modelling – enabled environment can help deliver projects in a way that supports our core values whilst reacting to the UK Government BIM mandate.

By adopting a progressive method of working which has been widely acknowledged by industry assists us in delivering our clients with an integrated, well-coordinated and valuable external environment. Equipped with in-house expertise, documentation and protocols, we are committed to ensure that we align ourselves to the UK Government mandate of Level 2 BIM to ensure that we remain an innovative and progressive BIM-enabled design practice. With the expertise and advice of our own in-house BIM Consultant and the internal technical skills to deliver quality models we not only assure our clients they will reap the benefits but can also advise our clients and project team on all things BIM. Our 3D models are be developed in line with industry standards and protocols enabling our clients to work collaboratively with project teams who are utilising typical BIM processes.

Benefits for our clients

Having BIM at the heart of all of our projects provides huge benefits for our clients, such as:

1) Improved whole lifecycle costing leading to more accurate and reliable data at handover for facilities and site management benefiting developers, land owners and estates departments.

2) Improved information management, collaboration, and consistency of design information resulting in informed decisions, benefiting designers.

3) Reduced waste on site and a significant improvement in planning and logistics, health and safety and cost management, benefiting contractors.

We are also able to offer our clients a BIM Consultancy service to help them with other projects.